Suntreck California Dreamin‘ (Tour 206)

Hi and Hello!
Here it is. At least.
(Just click on the pictures to get a bigger foto.)

I set up this web page to show you some of my holiday photos: Here they are!!

Our tour started in San Francisco. We went down Highway No. 1 to Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur Santa Barbara to Los Angeles. The weather was quite cold and foggy till LA, so I put no photos of this side of „Sunny California“ in here. It was kind of depressing an we didn’t stop for long at the shores and beaches.
First evening in LA the sun came out 🙂 (it was that campgroud near the freeway).

We all:
Helena – Patrick – Franziska – Monika – Adam – Kerstin
Debbie – me (Carola) – Christine

It was the best holidays I ever had. Thank You!

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